We Keep Getting Fatter, but Why?

Last, Friday I attended a lecture by Dr Jim Painter, PhD, RD a professor, researcher and author from Eastern Illinois University. He has been studying the changing weight and eating patterns in the US over the past 50 years and has some interesting theories with good research behind them.

Guess what the number one isssue seems to be.

Lose the Wheat – Lose the Weight???

I get daily notices from Prevention in my e-mail and today’s notice was about a new book on the market written by an MD. The premise is that if you cut wheat out of your diet you will lose weight. Additionally, he suggests that the wheat of today is different from what our fore-bearers ate and is less healthy. The statements and premises in this book ARE NOT based in science. Just because someone has an MD after his or her name does not make them an expert in nutritional science as evidenced in this book. This is just another gimmick or fad diet.

What is the Healthiest Diet and Lifestyle?

If you follow  media stories regarding health, diet, nutrition and exercise recommendations you may be feeling a little confused. I understand! As health and nutrition guidelines are constantly challenged with new research finding coming to light, the media grabs hold of it and hypes it up. So what you believe one day, may be seem to refuted the next. But in the meantime, the media makes the findings seem definitive. Many respond by jumping on the latest health bandwagon based on inconclusive research.

Some things that have recently be challenged are:

  • the role (amount and type) of fat and heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.

How to Eat Healthy While Eating Out

  • First, be prepared and pre-plan! Check out the menu ahead of time and decide what you will order before you get there and are bombarded with food cues and distractions.
    • (See if there is nutrition information on their website)
  • Don’t go overly hungry as your defenses may be down compromising your ability to make rational decisions in alignment with your goals.
  • To curb hunger, eat a light snack or have a small bowl of tomato or broth based soup before you go.

Who is to Blame for the Obesity Epidemic?

The latest stats on obesity in America are 1 out of 3 children and 2 out of 3 adults are either overweight or obese. Of course it’s easy to blame the food companies, fast food restaurants and technology, however if you’re are adult, you make your own lifestyle choices. All day long we make decisions that affect our health including: whether or not to exercise; what, when, where and how much we eat; how we perceive and respond to stressors and how much time to allot for sleep and rest.

Eat Green for St. Patty’s Day

A discussion of green eating and healthy foods that green in color.

Eat Green for St. Patty’s Day

In keeping with National Nutrition Month Theme of “Eat Right with Color”, my blog today has to do with green-colored foods. However, let me digress for a moment and discuss the new “green eating” trend. That refers to reducing your carbon footprint, or impact on the environment. Choosing more locally grown vs. foods that have to travel across the globe to reach you plate, plant based foods and organically grown are all ways to “eat green”.

The Color of Health

Rather than thinking about what you shouldn’t eat, take a fresh look at DIET. “Shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” create guilt and contribute to unnecessary frustration when trying to eat healthier and/or lose weight.

There’s More to Losing Weight than Counting Calories

At www.eatright.org, the official site of the American Dietetic Association, fellow dietitians remind us that there is more to losing weight than just counting calories. There are a number of ways I could expand on this thought. In keeping with ADA’s National Nutrition Month Theme “Eat Right with Color”, I will address the importance of variety and color when trying to lose weight.

Limbaugh is Way Off-Base re: Mrs. Obama’s Weight

Yesterday’s comments from Rush Limbaugh about Michelle Obama’s weight really got me going. First of all, who is he to throw stones? Overweight, likely falling into the obese category, he is not a very credible judge of anyone’s weight or food choices.

In my weight loss coaching practice and book, I strongly discourage “perfectionism” in food choices. Labeling foods good or bad is counter-productive to weight loss and permanent eating behavior changes. Attaching a label to food gives it power, making it more difficult to make conscious, rational decisions that are in alignment with one’s vision and goals. With my Eating Behavior Journal and other tools, my clients and readers have learned to track and understand their own food choices, so they can happily fit in all kinds of food during weight loss and maintenance phases.