Supermarket Tours

Transform Your Grocery Cart Supermarket Tours
Do you find yourself dreading the next trip the the grocery store because you don’t know what to buy or have time to figure out what’s in all those packages and boxes?

Would you like to get past all the hype and find healthy foods that taste good, that are ready to eat or easy to prepare?

If you want to make healthy choices without being fanatical about it and would enjoy a lively, interactive grocery store nutrition education class, then join me on one of my unique Supermarket Tours!

•Ideal for people who want to learn more about where to find the healthy products that taste great (and save time and money!)
•I’ll share tips on figuring out labels, portions, “must have” foods, nutrient-dense snacks, calorie saving ingredients, and much more
The one-and-a-half hour tour is only $30. Class size is limited to 8 people per tour. Bring a pad of paper and a pen for taking notes.

Participants receive a free reusable Transform Your Grocery Cart© grocery bag filled with FREE product samples and coupons.

To register for upcoming Supermarket Tours, click here.