I was reading The Boston Globe last week, and they did a story on bridal boot camps. It seems that health clubs and bridal salons are offering crunch time, whip-you-into-shape fitness classes for brides to be. Well, this is all fine and good (I support anything that gets people moving and hopefully healthier and more fit), I couldn’t help thinking about a couple of missing components in this new trend. 

The first is exercise alone is rarely successful as a weight loss strategy for women. An exercise program that combines cardio with an effective strength taining workout can help change your body composition and give you a more toned and defined look. BUT in order to really get into shape before the big day, you need to have the right diet.

Second, staying healthy and fit should be adopted as permanent lifestyle change.  I hope that brides-to-be whoembark on these programs don’t give it up once their dream day is over.  With this in mind, I am launching KJ’s Body Transformation Bridal Boot Camp Diet. Not only will this plan be the perfect adjunct to your “I am going to get into shape no matter what exercise program,” it will give you the tools to keep the weight off!

For more information or to sign up for the Bridal Boot Camp Diet Program, please e-mail me at kj@bodybykj.