Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight means more than a few weeks on the latest diet. Rather, it’s a lifelong commitment, and for most people, a complete lifestyle change.

First, you have to identify your goal and get a strong sense of who and how you want to be. I call this VISION. Live your life in concert with your Vision. In other words, your thoughts and actions must be aligned with who and how you want to be. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, but focused on constantly moving forward toward your goals. This is an area where I can help you learn how to manage thoughts, feelings and actions when you think you’ve had a setback.

One thing I do recommend is an exercise that can really help you get in touch with your thoughts and feelings, so you can make conscious decisions about your actions. This exercise is writing down what and when you eat and exercise and recording those conditions around those eating and exercise events. You will discover productive and non-productive patterns. You will also garner enough awareness that you can begin the process of asking yourself beforehand “does this behavior move me toward my goals?”

You can make choices, and you can take control of your behaviors. It takes practice and a great coach to support you along your journey to transform your body and transform your life.