Buddy, the beagle, weighs in

Hi I’m Buddy. I belong to kj. She and her two sons (see Jeff above) rescued me from the Humane Society 3 1/2 years ago on Memorial Day weekend.  I had just transferred there from another pound after getting lost somewhere in Ohio. Only I know my past and I’m not sharing. Anyway I have this really great life now.  You see, she changed my name from Lenny to Buddy because she said I was going to be her running buddy and best pal. Well I am only a 13″ beagle so I really can’t keep up a steady pace for more than 3 miles so I’ve gotten her to take me on really long walks instead. I especially liked the day we all hiked Blue Hills and the time we walked for miles on the beach with her sister-n-law. The seal that was swimming along the shore was really awesome. He looked kind of like my dog cousin, Buster the chocolate lab. I enjoy my everday walks around town too. Today I went for an extra walk, and apparently that will be the protocol for the rest of this week – more on that later…

By the way I must be a really cool dog because everybody likes me: cats, other dogs, kids and all the relatives. I just kind of act friendly, wag my tale alot and go with the flow. I am usually a very, very good dog but I have my moments – like this past weekend. Ever since we moved to our house in Massachusetts I have been afraid of the basement and I don’t even venture down the stairs. So kj figured out that the basement would be a great place to feed the cats and put the litter boxes, because she knew I wouldn’t get into them down there. On Saturday while kj and her fiance were packing and moving stuff and not paying much attention to me, I summoned up some courage, put mind over matter, gritted my teeth, over came my fears and slinked down the stairs to the reward at the bottom – CAT FOOD!

Now here’s the really amusing and amazing thing about this whole episode, short of the little scolding its all worked out rather well. You see kj has a weight management formula figured out for me too. Can you believe it? If I get into the cat food or if she forgets to close the pantry and I eat some extra treats she cuts back on my dinner a bit or gives me fewer dog biscuits for a few days but here’s the good part, she takes me for an extra walk. Yippee!

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