I saw this quote on the bottom of an e-mail from a colleague who owns the Hanson Holistic Center in Hanson, Mass. For more information on services she offers, go to www.hansonholisticcenter.com or www.haven-for-healing.org. Lee-Ann was kind enough to loan me some space, so I could run the class Fitting in Getting Fit by kj to introduce women to strength and core balance training. These are very important components of overall fitness that many women are unfamiliar with, afraid of, or simply overlook. Although I have brought up this topic in other posts and articles I have written, it's just one part of taking care of your body. Others include eating a healthy diet, getting 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night, managing stress and getting regular aerobic exercise.

Consider the question “IF YOU DONT'T TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY–WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE? Is your answer “in a body in which I feel uncomfortable, ashamed of and/or that threatens my health, well-being and quality of life”? If any or all of these speak to you, then this next question is “am I ready to change?”


I had a woman call me the other day because she read some of my articles in the South Shore Woman's Journal and my ad in South Shore Living Magazine. It took her 6 months from the first time she was introduced to body transformation by kj through the magazine to get ready and then garner the courage to call me.  Readiness is one of the Keys to Success.  There is no point in embarking on a lifestyle change if you are not ready and able to make the commitment to change.

So we chatted, discussed her situation, wants and needs, and determined that she IS ready, this is the right time and she can focus on taking charge of her life. Her goals are to get her body where she feels most comfortable and develop the right mind-set and implement the tools to keep her healthy, fit and happy. It's all there within her now, but it needs to be pull out, massaged and put to work so she can live in her body with contentment and joy. I am really looking forward to sharing this journey with her.