Years ago I set my mission in life to help other people enjoy a better quality of life by adopting healthier lifestyle habits. At the moment I am feeling very thankful that certain events over the past couple of weeks have allowed me to do just that for more and more women.

Through the Women's Business Network, I met a women who helped me find a nice facility in North Easton, Mass., to hold the Body Transformation by kj Weight Loss and Eating Behavior Management Program. This program is different than your typical weight loss or diet program as it focuses on the underlying issues and obstacles that keep getting in the way of long-term success.

I set a goal to have at least 6 women and I am happy to report that I have 8 wonderful, courageous women who have allowed me to lead them on their journey to self-discovery, empowerment and successful weight management. After just one class, several of the women have reported how helpful the discussions, Envision Yourself exerise and Eating Behavior Journal have been. I look forward to class this evening as we work together to identify the positive patterns that are in alignment with their individual goals and those they want to work on in the coming weeks.

I am thankful for my son, who graduated from college last summer and is now my web designer. Through my Web site, a  request came to me from the Devi Anti-Aging & Wellness Center in Weymouth, Mass., which allows me to bring the Fitting in Getting Fit by kj, a beginner strength and balance training program to another community of women in the South Shore area. We will also be running some half-day Eating Behavior Management workshops there.

Another remarkable thing happened when I met Jennifer McCauley Logue at the South Shore Women's Business Network and asked her to help me to write better news releases and improve some of my collateral material. Well, guess what — my new-and-improved news releases got picked up by The Enterprise and Patriot Ledger newspapers. Then, the Patriot Ledger decided to include a profile of me and my Fitting in Getting Fit classes in the soon-to-be-published Living Well supplement. Oh and did I mention that I also met with Dr. Gangemi, a chiropractor in Stoughton, who arranged for me to hold the Fitting in Getting Fit classes in Stoughton?

I am really looking forward to next Monday when I introduce a half dozen women to strength and balance training with the use of stability balls, dumbells and exercise bands. Through my BNI chaper and other networking events, I have met a number of professionals who have helped me with the business side of my business and others who sent fabulous clients to me.

I met Lida Joy of Aspire magazine, who gave me the opportunity to participate in the Love, Light & Laughter event for women in Quincy, Mass., a couple of weeks ago and to share my passion for helping other women lose weight and get in shape through articles in her magazine. My coaching practice allows me  to “walk beside” my individual coaching clients as they discover the joys and rewards of making even the smallest and sometimes big changes that lead to an emotionally and physically healthier, more satisfying life.