Thursday evening was the last class in my current weight loss and eating behavior management program. As the women crowded around the table, wondering what was to happen next, we wrapped up a very interesting discussion on how to manage stress without always relying on food. I had an offline conversation a couple days prior with one of the participants, and we discussed the upcoming agenda. I mentioned that we would be discussing tools and techniques to continue losing weight and keeping it off. Anyway, she came up with a great strategy* or tool that I suggested she note in her weight management toolbox.

What is a weight management toolbox? Literally or figuratively, it's a place where you keep the tools and techniques that have been helping you lose weight and can be drawn upon in the future to help you keep the weight off. Some of the items may not fit in the toolbox, but you can write them down on an index card, put them in the box and pull them out as a reminder whenever you need them.

Here are some of the things we are putting in our toolboxes:

A copy of the Eating Behavior Journal (EBJ), copies of EBJs where you noted your progress in the self-assessment section, “the red dress,” favorite healthy recipes and snack ideas, a list of ways to cope with stress (e.g., your favorite comedy on DVD), a copy of “The Secret,” extra exercise bands, an extra pedometer, a weekly grocery list, a diagram of EFT, a picture of your vison board, a picture of yourself at your vision if you have one, a scale or tape measure and motivational quotes.
*See next article: What's in your candy dish