This is a blog that I will update regularly, so be sure to click on it now and then. What I am going to do here is share with you my favorite products:  foods I buy at the grocery store, dietary supplements and fitness tools that help me look and feel great.


Hodgson Mills Bran Muffin Mix:  I use this as a base for many of my great muffin recipes. It's much higher in fiber and has less sugar than most of the muffin mixes in the market.  Check out my blueberry bran muffin recipe on this site.

Mori Nu Silken Soft Tofu (Lite):  I use this to boost the nutrient content and to add some isoflavones and extra protein to my morning protein shakes.

Costco Frozen Blueberries:  These are practically a staple in my diet. I use them in my protein shakes, add them to muffins, yogurt and salads. This way I get the added fiber, antioxidants and vitamins from blueberries year-round.

Bob's Red Mill Ground Whole Flax Seed Meal:  I also add this to my protein shakes,  yogurt and cereal. It adds essentail oils, fiber and texture. Once opened, store it in a sealed plastic bag or container in your freezer.

Non-Fat or Low Fat Greek Yogurt:  Adds flavor, calcium, protein, and gut and immune system healthy probiotics.

Arnold Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins:  A perfect alternative to hamburger rolls and bulkie rolls. The light hamburger rolls are just too small. These sandwich thins are a perfect size and provide 6 grams of fiber and only 100 calories. I use them to make a convenient high-fiber, high-protein breakfast on-the-go. Spray a skillet with non-stick spray. Heat the pan and break an egg and “fry.” Turn over. While the egg is cooking, toast the sandwich thin. Place cooked egg on the bottom of the sandwich thin and top with one slice of reduced-fat provolone. Top with other half. Enjoy. For variety add a slice of tomato, some sauteed mushrooms or a slice of Canadian bacon.

Fat-Free or Low-Fat Feta Cheese:  Replace regular feta cheese in omelets, quiches or to top salads. Available from Athena and President brands.

Sargento Reduced Fat Provolone:  Most of my clients who have tried this think it tastes great, you wouldn't even know it's lower in fat.

Mini Shredded Wheat:  Any brand, 25 little biscuits have only 70 calories. Great when you want something crunchy, but without extra fat and salt.



Coromega Omega-3 Supplement:  This is my favorite fish oil supplement. The individual servings come in handy shelf-stable packets. The orange flavor variety tastes like orange creamsicle pudding. Available at GNC and Whole Foods, or for a listing of other stores visit

Whey Protein Powder:  I use this in my shakes every morning and before and after my strength training workouts. Adequate protein is needed to build and repair muscles. A higher-protein diet has been shown in numerous studies to support weight loss.

TwinLab D+K Dots:  I live in a northern climate where one cannot get enough vitamin D from the sun between October and March. I already take in enough calcium, but Vitamin D and K are also needed to support healthy bones. Vitamin D for the longest time had been recognized merely for its role in preventing rickets and for bone growth. Current research, however, has uncovered numerous ways in which Vitmin D supports health. Come back and visit for future articles on Vitamin D and other important supplements.

Fitness Tools

Swiss Ball (also known as Stability Ball):  Go to for home fitness solutions.


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