A question was posted on Merchant Circle this morning asking “How can I lose weight for free?” I  thought I would share my response here on my blog.

You can go to my website at www.bodybykj.com and read the articles on weight loss, eating behavior management, fitness and nutrition. There is no registration or cost to access kj's health blog.

Here are a few tips on weight loss:

1. If you drink sweetened beverages such as soda, diet soda, or fruit drinks, replace these with water and green tea. If you drink 2 cans of soda per day, that adds 300 calories to your daily diet. If you switch those 2 cans to water or unsweetened tea you can save 2,100 calories per week, 109, 500 per year and theoretically you could lose 31 pounds with this one, simple change.

2. Reduce the amount of foods that contain added sugars and refined flours such as pasta, white or fried rice, most pastries and snack foods.This does wonders for trimming your waistline.

3. Lace up your sneakers and head out for a brisk walk. Walking really doesn't cost anything unless you need to buy some sneakers. Set goals and keep track of your progress. Good luck; I hope this helps.