Yesterday’s comments from Rush Limbaugh about Michelle Obama’s weight really got me going. First of all, who is he to throw stones? Overweight, likely falling into the obese category, he is not a very credible judge of anyone’s weight or food choices.

In my weight loss coaching practice and book, I strongly discourage “perfectionism” in food choices. Labeling foods good or bad is counter-productive to weight loss and permanent eating behavior changes. Attaching a label to food gives it power, making it more difficult to make conscious, rational decisions that are in alignment with one’s vision and goals. With my Eating Behavior Journal and other tools, my clients and readers have learned to track and understand their own food choices, so they can happily fit in all kinds of food during weight loss and maintenance phases.

From the pictures I’ve seen of Mrs. Obama, I bet our First Lady’s percent body fat falls right smack in the middle of the healthy range. She obviously works out regularly and has excellent muscle tone to prove it. With all that muscle on board, she exudes health and energy. Yes, I think she is a great role model!

Guess what, Mr Limbaugh? As a registered dietitian and personal fitness trainer, I figured out a long time ago how to successfully mange my weight and I’ve taught many others how to do the same. Today, I’m quite healthy, thank you–even if I have ribs for dinner once in a while.