I’ll have a new client who has a difficult time forming her self-vision or seeing in her mind’s eye how she will look and feel after losing weight and adopting healthier lifestyle habits. If you, too, can’t quite imagine your new self, then try this  “what would my life be like if?” exercise.

Get out a couple of sheets of paper or pop on to your computer or smart phone notepad and write down some “what would my life be like if” situations or feelings you can imagine or visualize. This may help you solidify your own vision when you reach your goal. Here are some examples that some of my clients have shared with me and some of my own:

What would my life be like if:

  • Monday morning didn’t mean I have to start yet another diet?
  • I woke up Monday morning feeling refreshed because I had nourished my body, mind and soul the week before?
  • I went to my closet with a smile because I could choose whatever outfit I wanted to wear because it fits comfortably and looks great?
  • I didn’t berate myself and end up in a 3-day eating frenzy just because I ate an unplanned cookie or some french fries?
  • My whole life didn’t revolve around what I feel I should or shouldn’t eat?
  • I went to the mall and enjoyed trying on clothes?
  • I wasn’t winded after climbing a set of stairs?
  • I didn’t compare my weight, shape or looks to every other woman I encounter?
  • I walked through the gym doors feeling energized and confident?
  • I didn’t wish it was still winter so I could hide under layers of clothes?
  • I wasn’t tired of wearing the same three outfits?
  • I could drive by Dunkin’ Donuts and not even be tempted?
  • I wasn’t afraid to go to a social event because I might eat too much?
  • I was the healthy, fit and positive women I aspire to be?
  • I didn’t feel my weight was the root of all my problems and solution to all my woes?
  • I didn’t need to hide behind my weight, and I could face the world and handle myself with confidence?
  • I didn’t fill my head with negative self-talk?
  • I went through my day making healthy choices and felt this is who I am now?
  • I could eat only 2 pieces of pizza and feel okay?
  • I had joy in my heart and the energy to do the things I love?
  • I could walk down the aisle at my daughter’s wedding with a stylish, fitted dress that I look great in?
  • I joined a group of  friends for our daily walk?

You can probably write many more of your own. As you imagine what your life would be like if, write it down, describe on it paper. This will become part of your vision. Best of luck in setting your vision; after all, you can’t achieve your dreams if you don’t know what they are.