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How to Eat Healthy While Eating Out

First, be prepared and pre-plan! Check out the menu ahead of time and decide what you will order before you get there and are bombarded with food cues and distractions. (See if there is nutrition information on their website) Don't go overly hungry as your defenses may be down compromising your ability to make rational decisions in alignment with your goals. To curb hunger, eat a light snack or have a small bowl of tomato or broth based soup before you go. Once you are seated at your table, immediately ask for a large glass of water with lemon and [...]

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Who is to Blame for the Obesity Epidemic?

The latest stats on obesity in America are 1 out of 3 children and 2 out of 3 adults are either overweight or obese. Of course it's easy to blame the food companies, fast food restaurants and technology, however if you're are adult, you make your own lifestyle choices. All day long we make decisions that affect our health including: whether or not to exercise; what, when, where and how much we eat; how we perceive and respond to stressors and how much time to allot for sleep and rest. Many of us think that how we treat our own body [...]

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Eat Green for St. Patty’s Day

In keeping with National Nutrition Month Theme of "Eat Right with Color", my blog today has to do with green-colored foods. However, let me digress for a moment and discuss the new "green eating" trend. That refers to reducing your carbon footprint, or impact on the environment. Choosing more locally grown vs. foods that have to travel across the globe to reach you plate, plant based foods and organically grown are all ways to "eat green". Here a few foods of various shades of green that can help boost your nutrition: 1. Bell Peppers: Most common is the green variety, [...]

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The Color of Health

Rather than thinking about what you shouldn't eat, take a fresh look at DIET. "Shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" create guilt and contribute to unnecessary frustration when trying to eat healthier and/or lose weight. Rather than focus on that, why not look at improving your enjoyment of food by choosing a variety of fruits and vegetables.  The more variety, the more colorful, generally the more nutrition.  For example, bananas are high in potassium and B vitamins, dark green leafy veggies are high in folic acid, citrus, peppers and kiwi are great sources of vitamin C, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and [...]

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There’s More to Losing Weight than Counting Calories

At www.eatright.org, the official site of the American Dietetic Association, fellow dietitians remind us that there is more to losing weight than just counting calories. There are a number of ways I could expand on this thought. In keeping with ADA's National Nutrition Month Theme "Eat Right with Color", I will address the importance of variety and color when trying to lose weight. My favorite part of my Transform Your Grocery Cart supermarket tour is the time we spend in the produce aisle.  Here, I explain how choosing a variety of fruits and veggies, including a wide spectrum of colors, [...]

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Beverages – Weight Loss Friend or Foe?

Answer - it depends. We all have heard that drinking water before meals AND snacks can help curb your appetite. A recent Virginia Tech study found that participants who drank 2, 8-ounce (oz.) glasses of water before meals consumed 75-90 fewer calories during the meal. If that doesn't seem like a big deal, consider if you did this every day, 3 times a day, you could theoretically lose 1/2 pound  in one week. That's 26 pounds in one year! On the other hand, soft drinks including regular sweetened soda AND diet soda are linked to weight gain and obesity. A [...]

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