Kathy Jordan, MS, RDN, CTA, CPT

Yes, I am a registered dietitian and have a lot of credentials listed after my name, however the real story has to do with my life long journey of discovering how to successfully mange my weight and achieve overall health, fitness and contentment. I began having issues with weight and body image when I was a teenager.

This led to a strong interest in how eating behaviors and activity affect weight, energy level, outlook and quality of life. I went on to earn both a BS and MS in nutrition and food science. My entire career has been focused on helping individuals and communities make healthy choices. In the 1980’s, I launched a very successful outpatient nutrition clinic and behavioral weight management program for some Boston area hospitals and later, similar programs in Michigan. The programs were designed using my knowledge of nutrition, fitness, behavior change AND most importantly personal experiences. I continue coaching people, like you, to fulfill my life long aspiration of helping others with similar goals achieve the body of their dreams without ever compromising their health.

Weight loss is not something you have to tackle alone. If you are really committed to your personal success with weight loss, health, food and body image, then I am the coach for you. I will challenge, inspire, motivate and support you through your own journey to finally end the struggle with your weight.