Have kj come to your workplace, organization or club!

As a registered dietitian, certified personal fitness trainer and published author, kj brings her knowledge and experience to corporations and organizations in seminars and speaking events. These fun, motivating events are full of sound advice and practical tools for listeners. Many of kj’s books and publications can be purchased at volume discounts (and autographed!) in conjunction with the event. Contact kj today to book your event!

Descriptions are below, or kj can customize the program to meet the needs and interests of participants:


kj’s 7 Keys to a Healthy Dietsm

This 1-hour seminar focuses on the foods and nutrients that promote optimal health.  The class covers calories and the role of protein, carbohydrates, fats and hydration, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

After taking the seminar, participants will:

  • Be able to estimate their daily energy requirements and visualize what that means in terms of food intake
  • Understand the contributors to being overweight and the risks of obesity
  • Identify foods that are more likely to contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases
  • Identify key healthy foods (i.e., high fiber and high protein foods) and know how incorporate them into their daily diets
  • Know how to use food product labels to make healthy choices
  • Have a basic knowledge of portion sizes

Each participant will take home a copy of kj’s food and activity tracker tm , a tool which helps them actively improve the overall nutrient content of their diets. 


Clean Eating

This one-hour seminar offers attendees a guide to choosing foods that are more natural, organic, use sustainable agriculture and/or locally grown. Standing on its own or as part of a series, Clean Eating covers the following topics:

  • Where and why buy organic foods? Health benefits, labeling regulations, cost vs. benefits
  • What is the definition of “natural” and is this term regulated?
  • Why buy local?
  • Discussion on green and sustainable agriculture, products and packaging


Dietary Supplements, the good, the bad and the ugly

This 1-hour seminar discusses  efficacy, safety, and quality of dietary supplements and makes recommendations for use. This program will help participants to:

  • Identify and determine which supplements to incorporate into their diets based on their specific medical and nutrition histories
  • Know what to look for when choosing a quality dietary supplement, and where this information appears
    • FDA regulations, independent third party certifications and other “quality” seals
  • Understand how to use a Supplements Facts Panel and what must be included on the label
  • Distinguish between a dietary supplement, over-the-counter medication, functional food  and conventional food
  • Decipher claims and determine if a claim is real or just marketing hype
  • Understand vocabulary such as prebiotics, probiotics, vitamin, mineral, Omega 3/6 9, antioxidant, flavanoids and other commonly used terms that are included in the FDA definition of a dietary supplement or may be found on a dietary supplement label
  • Know the difference between natural and synthetic ad
  • Be aware of unsafe supplements on the market today

Dual Workshop/Seminar formats

These programs can be presented as seminars, where kj does most of the talking and attendees listen to the information and take notes, or workshops, which are more interactive and may call for audience and small-group participation.

You Can’t Cook it if You Didn’t Buy it: Healthy Shopping

This program provides an overview of shopping in traditional grocery stores, natural product stores, local farms, and markets. After taking this workshop, participants will know:

  • How to read a food label: which information is pertinent for overall health, weight loss and cardiovascular health
  • How to find healthy, ready-to-eat and easy-to-prepare meals and snacks in your grocery store
  • How to discover the nutrition powerhouse foods at their local market
  • Tips, short-cuts, recipes and ingredients for healthy eating

Multi-Part Workshops

These programs are used as building blocks to design a comprehensive program for your corporation or organization. Participants notice increased energy, safe, consistent weight loss, and general wellness after investing the time in our multi-part workshops!

Below The Surface … Weight Loss Transformation by kj 

This four-part workshop is designed to help participants establish a healthier relationship with food, improve their body/self-image and learn strategies to manage their eating behaviors while improving overall health and quality of life. Participants will each receive a copy of kj’s book, Below The Surface … Weight Loss Transformation by kj, to use as a guide to maintaining their progress. 

Week 1: Envision You Exercisesm and Goal Setting helps participants identify thoughts, feelings and emotions that have hindered?…their weight loss progress in the past. Participants also set weight loss/health goals and begin to plan the steps to achieve them.

Week 2: Tracking provides tools for awareness, self-assessment and accountability related to food and environment (e.g., situational or emotional eating.)

Week 3:  Pre-planning and Cue Management educates participants on the importance of pre-planning for success, as well as raising their awareness of the “cues” that spark their eating behaviors.

Week 4: Aligning with the Goal teaches participants to manage their thoughts and emotions around food, eating behavior, self-image and body image. In this closing session, we perform a Goals Assessment and talk about how to continue moving forward successfully. 


The Quick Fix Workshops – These two seminars combine to focus on the top two excuses of weight management and health:  too little time and too little know-how. It’s an ideal “jump-start” for people who need practical tools fast, or can form a solid introduction to a full-length wellness program.

  • Part 1 ˗ Focus on Nutrition and Diet
    • Includes KJ’s 7 keys to a healthy diet™
    • Quick and easy tips for eating healthy eating over the course of the day and week 
    • How to lose weight today, and keep it off tomorrow
  • Part 2 ˗ Focus on Fitness
    • Dispelling the exercise myths that hold us back
    • Fitting in getting fit
    • No gym required- Quick and easy workouts that can be done at home or even in the office!
      • Demonstration and instructional handout

In Quick Fix seminars, participants learn strategies and customized solutions that empower them to attain their weight and fitness goals. Participants also come away with at least one major change they can implement easily, for an immediate impact on their health.