Plant-Based Diets

What is a plant-based diet? For some, it may mean going all in and following a vegan diet, with no animal products. For others it may just trying to replace a couple of meat/poultry base meals per week with more plant based meals, such as beans and rice. Regardless of how you approach plan-based eating, swapping out some meals with more plant foods including nuts, seeds, legumes (dried beans and peas such as kidney beans, chick peas, lentils...) veggies, fruits and whole grains may help you get on track with a healthier style of eating. My favorite is the [...]

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Chia Seed Savvy

Not much bigger than a grain of pepper, these little seeds may become your new best friend. There versatile, nutritious and are a great weight loss aide. Here are the facts: 1 tablespoon contains 40 calories, 3 grams of protein and no sodium. They are also a sources of calcium, soluble fiber and Omega3  fatty acids and antioxidants. From a health perspective, including chia seeds in your diet may help you keep blood sugars more stable, reduce your appetite by keeping you feeling full longer, this may, in turn, help you with weight loss. The soluble fiber may also help [...]

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Eat Green for St. Patty’s Day

In keeping with National Nutrition Month Theme of "Eat Right with Color", my blog today has to do with green-colored foods. However, let me digress for a moment and discuss the new "green eating" trend. That refers to reducing your carbon footprint, or impact on the environment. Choosing more locally grown vs. foods that have to travel across the globe to reach you plate, plant based foods and organically grown are all ways to "eat green". Here a few foods of various shades of green that can help boost your nutrition: 1. Bell Peppers: Most common is the green variety, [...]

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